Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does this process work?

A: The process is very simple. To Receive An Offer Quickly 24 to 72hrs From NOW... All you have to do is submit the home information form on the side of this page.

Once you have submitted the form, the information will be sent direct to the President Only, I am a local business owner and real estate professional and I have access to Quick Cash in ALL areas. I will contact you within two (2) business days  if not immediately and discuss your situation and your home. We Will "HELP" You or Get The "SOLUTION" You Need As Fast As We Can...After evaluating your situation, I will write you an offer on your home. You will then determine if you wish to accept or reject the offer.

In the same way, if the situation calls for the services of other professionals, (bankruptcy, foreclosures, probate, divorces, etc.) for you to get cash for your home,YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. Life Medical is committed to, first and far most, helping our sellers reach goals that are not only in their best interest but sometime seem challenging and second the best interest of our company so of course both our goals. No matter how challenging or complex your Life or Medical Situation may be, Life Medical will assist you in reaching a agreeable and favorable solution in the most efficient way possible. Contact my office  and discuss another offer and whether you accept or reject our offer, we want to "HELP" you with what is best according to your needs. We are here to HELP regardless if you accept our offer or accept another offer.

Q: Do you pay fair market value? Do you use an appraisal? How do you determine the price you're willing to pay?

A: Just as every homeowner's situation is unique, so is the process in which we buy a home. Our buying process is a cash process, so we must do all our due diligence to determine what an appropriate offer for a home might be. In most cases, we can get you your asking for the property. Depending on repairs and what the market will bring.

Things we take into consideration include the condition of the home, cost of repairs that need to be made to the home, the current local market conditions, as well as the urgency of the situation, and another factor we look at for a seller, is what is most important, is it time? or is it money? Our Main Goal Is "HELPING" Our Customers Reach There Desired Goal and Obtain A Solution To There Property Problem.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: We Do Not Charge A Fee To Get Started. We Pay All Your Closing Cost and We Buy Your Property "AS-IS" "WHERE-IS". There is no out of pocket fees to the home seller for our service. Case By Case, We Pay You Some Cash Upfront Upon Making A Decision On The Property.

Q: Does it matter if I have a realtor?

A: Our suggestion would be that you go ahead and fill out the form or contact us RIGHT NOW, so Life Medical can contact you. After that time, you can best determine whether to contact a realtor agent and ask them what happens if you find your own buyer. Sometimes their commissions can be waived or fees can be significantly lowered.

Life Medical often will not contact you directly if your home is already listed with another realtor. Once you fill out the form, there is really no need to contact anyone else, you can be on your way to the solution. but feel free to contact us at any time. Life Medical can work with you. 

Q: Do you only buy houses? Or will you buy condos, manufactured homes, etc? 

A: We do not concentrate solely on houses. We concentrate on what does our customer need. We can buy and sell townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, multifamily units, commercial buildings, ranches, land, or any structure that has land deeded to it such as a manufactured home or a mobile home.

Q: What if I have my property rented?

A: Don't worry if your home is rented. We can buy your house and take care of the renters later. If you have family living there we can always make special arrangements for them that will be convenient.

Q: What if I am behind on payments?

A: If you are behind on payments, we can work out a other techniques to hopefully work with your lender to get you out from under the property. We have a team of expert negotiators to deal with the banks,lenders, creditors on your behalf.

Q: Do I have to make repairs on my property?

A: No. Not Your Problem Any More. Okay? We will contract to purchase the home in its "AS-IS"  and "WHERE-IS" condition. In some cases, we are even willing to fix up your property at no cost to you. Depending on condition of the property and our personal inspection. Most Cases. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ELSE BUT CALL US!!

Q: How do I get started?

A: Just complete the simple form on this page! Or Call Me Now!! Don't be ashamed at all, Life Medical is very  much committed and has a passion for helping home owners with any situation they may have with a unwanted property. Call Now 7 days a week 24hr a day (817) 796-1366 Email-